Variable Fashion

I opened Variable Fashion with Aliki Malagis in 2014 after receiving seed funding and winning 2nd place at the Dobsom Practicum Business Plan Competition. Our goal is to make business appropriate clothes for geeky people. We have quirky shirt designs based off out geek inspired patterns like the HTML coding from the NSA's website and formulas from my friend's PhD math thesis. The purpose of doing a Kickstarter is so we could measure the market's interest in the product and receive funding simultaneously. 

We have had over 20k media impressions and 1500+ people look at our kickstarter page. Variable was also featured in the following blogs: betakit.comMontreal Rampage, and Business for Beginners

Learn more about our Kickstarter here.

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Update September 12th: We unfortunately only reached 25% of our Kickstarter goal and we will not receive funding. This is unfortunate, but it shows that we have a problem with our business model. It's much easier to fix problems in the beginning of a project then later!  Aliki and I are working on the supply chain to gain efficiencies and bring the price down and hope to lanch again in spring 2015. You can keep updated on Variable's Webpage.

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